Tuesday, 15 June 2010


By this point, I'm pretty much out of the Socialist Party. Mostly I just stopped going to meetings and answering phone calls, which is pretty much a pattern I'm used to by now. I think we can chalk it up to a combination of laziness and a distinct feeling of wasting my time. It turns out I'm not actually a very good idealist. However, I'm still on all the mailing lists, which means my inbox is periodically filled with various party things. Sometimes they're worth a look. In this case, this one'd be a very good reason to ditch the party, even if I hadn't already:
As many of you will already have heard, the racist EDL have decided to “hit” Tower Hamlets on 20th June [They've now called it off, which is why I'm posting this.]

[Blah blah blah various theory bits]

We are now participating in a broad local campaign United East End, set up to organise a massive community and trade union demonstration on Sunday 20th June. Unfortunately, the SWP and UAF are playing a central role in this which means there is no class content to their statements and Tories are on the platform of the rally they have organised for the Sunday before (this Sunday)! Nonetheless they have been forced to co-operate with other local forces [emphasis mine]

I mean, seriously. The nazis come to Tower Hamlets, and you're complaining about being on the same platform as the SWP? The mind boggles. The Tories I can half understand, given how they've been quite happy to use racism (tacit or otherwise) as an electoral tool, but the SWP? And UAF? Jesus. And we wonder why the British left can never seem to put up a united front. Petty, territorial bickering of the worst kind.
And as for the EDL, I'll leave it for Batman to tell it like it is.



Kapitano said...

So the SP are having their own march? Is there anyone else in their "broad local campaign"?

I'll be there in the main march, with everyone who cares more about real politics than the wording on your membership card.

Though probably the ICL will be there to tell us we haven't read enough Trotsky. And maybe the IBT to tell us the ICL have the wrong line on Trotsky.

aethelreadtheunread said...

Ah, always one of the joys of being on the left of politics - watching your own side destroy itself before the enemy even get a chance to take aim. Although, as Kapitano says, most people will go on the main march regardless, even if they do bitch about some of the people they're marching with - anti-racism is one of the few things the left agree on.